bcn art/ diffusion is the name of a new work team (2015) that specialises in the field of art and capitalises on and updates the experiences Pèrgamon Gallery(1988) and [link] Pèrgamon Quatre Gallery(2003).
In light of the notable changes experienced recently due to new promotional and marketing systems in our sector, we have decided to alter our traditional gallery format to a centre of open consultation and permanent exhibition, Principal Obert, aided by a renewed, online interactive connection.
We have renovated our 19th Century Room, which is located right above the old Petritxol Street 4 Gallery and which is now available in a show–room format, divided into two different settings: classic and contemporary. This enables us to display the work of collaborating artists in a suitable environment and personally attend to the functions of consulting, marketing and sales, which we have been undertaking for more than twenty-five years.