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At bcn art/diffusion, we believe that in order to expertly and professionally counsel and advise in the field of art, a significant dose of experience is necessary in addition to a certain amount of eagerness for innovation. Both factors help the flow of dialogue with our interested buyers as well as expert collectors.
After reviewing and assessing our art gallery directors’ experience, we have strengthened our preparation for the role of providing quality consulting and advising in a sector that is as complicated as art consulting and advising.

The necessary line of continuity and experience that stems from the old Pèrgamon Gallery and Pergamon Quatre, is maintained through our two consultants:

Amor Marsé and Antoni Valero.

We couldn’t neglect eagerness or a renewed commitment to current creation. For this reason, a young professional has joined our team to address the administrative aspects and innovative management:

Marta Algara Marsé